The MBA Department of MRM Institute of Management is headed by Prof. Dr. G. SUNEETHA( MBA, Ph.D,)

The MBA is the premier qualifications for individuals wishing to progress to strategic level in the Business & Administration environment. It aims to provide a rigorous grounding in the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary for participant to operate effectively as strategic general managers in service-driven environments.

MRM provides a window to the modern world of business, commerce and management through its MBA program providing a holistic understanding of the up-to-date knowledge and skills to conduct business on a global scale. Students study the management philosophies; decision making process and analytical techniques, through conceptual knowledge and rigorous practical training in the field and to the analytical techniques used by management professional. Problem solving and decision making capabilities among the students are imparted through lectures & seminars by using LCD & OHP, individual and group projects, computer workshops with latest software, case studies, role-playing, group-discussions, company visits and presentations by practicing managers.

The course has compulsory core courses from different functional areas of management. Later on two specializations can be opted out of the four offered-Marketing, Finance and HR and.