Pharmaceutical Analysis

One Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory function as an analytical lab equals a mock-up quality control department of a pharmaceutical industry. All kind of analytical processes of drugs are carried out in the laboratory. Laboratory contained with all the modern equipments for Instrumental methods of analysis.
Central instrumentation labs enclose the equipments for the practical pharmaceutical analysis in its two portions,
The machine room and
The Instrumental analysis room.

The Following are the main research areas being actively involved in the department

Development and validation of in vitro and in vivo correlation for the developed modified release formulations of  drug s.

Development and validation of analytical methods for multi component drugs in their formulations.

Development and validation of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic  models of certain new formulations.

Development and  validation of chiral separation of some enantiomeric drugs  by HPLC methods

Conducting the workshops & seminars for academicians and chemists in quality control departments on analytical method development, operation and maintenance of sophisticated analytical instruments, GLP and Quality  Assurance.

Testing various drugs in formulations supplied by pharmaceutical manufacturers and local industries manufacturing  essential oils.

Conducting accelerated stability studies, Pharmacokinetics studies, Bioavailability and Bioequivalence studies.

The principal remit of the department is the discovery, development and application of analytical methods and techniques relevant to pharmaceutical and toxicological sciences.

The department specializes in training pharmacists and chemists in developing their knowledge and problem solving  skills in pharmaceutical analysis. There is good liaison between regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical industry, official laboratories and academic establishments to further assist career development.

Special Equipments

Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectrophotometer with ATR system (FT – IR)

High Performance Liquid Chromatography with UV Detector

High Performance Liquid Chromatography with PDA Detector

UV Visible Spectrophotometer