Pharmaceutics is a dynamic and interdisciplinary sector that aims to harmonize the principles of chemistry, engineering and biology to understand how to make pharmaceutical dosage forms against human ailments. The department illustrates biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics, drug transport and drug delivery systems. The Pharmaceutics department offers two year M.Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics) program. The Department has a team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty and well equipped laboratories with facilities for UG, PG Programs and  research. The field of Pharmaceutics encompasses many exciting subjects such as Novel drug delivery system, Advances in drug delivery system, Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical unit operations, which are the most useful subjects that enable the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms in the aim of disease free society.

Instrumentation Facilities

The department has well equipped facilities to carry out the research activities with modern equipments like; 16 station tablet compression machine, Automated dissolution apparatus, All purpose equipment, Freeze dryer, Tray dryer, High speed Homogenizer, Sonicator, Brookfield Viscometer and Humidity chamber.

Research activities

Department of pharmaceutics has fully equipped to carry out the research activities in the area of Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS).Currently, the department is focusing Co crystal formulations, Floating tablets and Tri layered Tablets.